Wireless Links

WFL-DC Remote unit with solar power at

flow sensor and MV site


WFL-DC Base unit at controller site

Wireless Flow Link

Complete wireless flow sensor and master valve control.

  • Transmit flow data from either frequency type (Data Industrial) or pulse type (Arad or Bermad) from up to 2400 feet line of sight
  • Operates master valve with DC latching or 24vac solenoids in Normally Open or Normally Closed configurations.
  • Standard features include
    • Nema 4 Thermoplastic enclosures with lockable latch (6x6x4 Base, 10x8x6 Remote)
    • Pole mount standard for Remote (easily adaptable to a wall or Uni-strut mounting surface)
    • Wall mount standard for Base
    • Stand alone Solar Power supply standard DC model only
    • 2.4ghz spread spectrum radios
    • Automatic master valve closure if host irrigation controllerís power fails during a watering cycle
    • Manual master valve test switch on Remote
    • Battery backup on all Base Units
  • Options include:
    • Heavy Duty Lightning Protection for Remote Units: -LP
    • Base Pole Mount Kit: BPMKIT
    • Specialty antennas for extended ranges
    • Stainless Steel or Cold Rolled Steel enclosures
  • Ordering Information:
    • WFL-MV-DC  Solar power, DC master valve output, flow sensor input
    • WFL-MV-AC  24vac power, 24vac master valve or pump start output, flow sensor input
    • WFL-DC  Solar power, flow sensor input
    • WFL-AC  24vac power, flow sensor input
    • WFL-XX-LP  Sample part# for Lightning Protection
  • Custom designs and modifications available upon request for your particular application

To help us provide you with the best performing Wireless Link please complete the Wireless Link Project Information Sheet. You may e-mail this to sales or fax it to us. Contact Us

Flow sensors available upon request

from these fine manufactures:

  • Data Industrial produces water flow measuring and monitoring equipment.
  • EMCOFlowSystems  produces non mechanical all electronic water flow sensors.


Wireless Switch Links

  • Pump Start or Master Valve Switch
  • 24v AC signal switch
  • Customized switching for 12v DC or contact closure available upon request
  • Same range and options as stated for Wireless Flow Link
      • WSL-PS  Wireless pump start or MV control (24vac)
      • WSL-PSN  Wireless pump start network control units for multiple irrigation controllers with a single pump start or master valve (24vac) (order WSL-PS then one WSL-PSN per additional irrigation controller)
      • WSL-PS-DC  Wireless pump start or MV control (DC)
      • WSL-AC  24vac wireless switch, outdoor
      • WSL-AC-IN  24vac wireless switch, indoor
    • WSL-XX-LP  Sample part# for Lightning Protection

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