Data and Communications Interconnect Boards

ICL-2100, click to view expanded image

2100 series interconnect board
For use with Data Industrial 2100 series flow monitor
in a Rain Bird Maxicom irrigation control system

  • Simplify and organize connections for dual flow sensors, dual master valves, and additional controls
  • Use with Link or Two Wire communications
  • Fits inside Data Industrial 2100 enclosure
  • Available with or without lightning protection (shown here with the 4 layer lightning protection)
  • Diminsions: 9.25" x 7.25"
  • Ordering information
    • Without lightning protection:    IC-2100
    • With lightning protection:    ICL-2100

DLB-2-05, click image for expanded view    DCLB-05, click image for expanded view

Data and Communication Boards
Protect data & communication lines from lightning strikes

  • Configure channels as
    • Data
    • Communication
    • Data and communication
  • Data line voltages set at 5, 12, 30, and 35 volts DC
  • Communication line voltages set at 24vac
  • Five Layers of lightning and surge protection
  • Deminsions 3.50" x 6.50"
  • Ordering information    (X = 2 or 4 channels) (XX = 5, 12, 30, or 35 volts DC
    • Data only:    DLB-X-XX
    • Communication only:    CLB-X
    • Data and Communication:    DCLB-XX

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